Bellara Park Equestrian Center Indoor Arena


                                                 ARENA HIRE

                          97 WORENDO ST, VERESDALE


                                ALL PRICES INC GST


                   TRAINING DAYLIGHT HRS                          $15.00  PER HORSE PER HOUR

                   TRAINING AT NIGHT                                   $35.00   PER HORSE PER HOUR

                   FULL DAY HIRE OF ARENA                        $ 330.00

                   LIGHTS AS REQUIRED                               $20.00 PER HOUR

                   P.A. SYSTEM                                             $25.00 PER DAY

                  BAR-B-Q FACILITIES                                     $25.00 PER DAY

                  PADDOCK OR STABLE HIRE                        $20.00 PER DAY

                 CAMPING INCLUDING POWER                       $ 20.00 PER NIGHT

                 JUMPING EQUIPMENT                                    $ 60.00 PER DAY

                 DRESSAGE ARENA ( SET UP BY OTHERS)    $60.00 PER DAY

                 EXTRA DRAGGING OF INDOOR                       $12.00 PER DRAG

                HIRE OF FUNCTION ROOM                     $ 150.00 PER DAY

                HIRE OF FUNCTION ROOM                     $   25.00 PER HOUR SHORT TERM 


               ROOM FOR THE NIGHT START AT           $ 77.00 PER NIGHT

                                           ALL ACCOUNTS ARE 7 DAYS